DECOLONIZE! (community workshops)

Colonization in a historical context has been happening as long as peoples have roamed the earth. However, never before has this become such a huge issue because of globalization through capitalism. We at the Indigenous Solidarity Network are seeking to remedy this unfortunate reality by holding community grassroots workshops – “Decolonize Through Anti Oppression”.

Anti oppression work is a snap shot of what needs to be done through awareness building. Understanding the historical context of colonization, capitalism, and the history and culture of indigenous peoples of Turtle Island is just the beginning of this important work. We are meeting across Turtle Island to address this. We seek no money other than to cover costs of each workshop. Travel expenses, food, lodging and perhaps some printing.

If you wish to host a community workshop, or know some communities that would, our email is: indigenoussolidaritynetwork at

One of many long standing indigenous struggles:

Gustafsen Lake 1995

Jurisdiction and education – Sharon Venne. Oct 9, 2012
(presented on Mohawk Territory)

More legal info: (Russell Diabo)

George Erasmus

Update around Bill C-45 (etc)


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